Beth Worthington, BFA
Financial Advisor  |  Business Owner

Investing is simple, but it isn’t easy. The reason is because of all the uncertainty in the economies and markets. Investors and financial experts alike may have strong opinions about what may happen in the future, but no one really knows.

The Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA) is a designation that identifies those advisors who understand how psychological and neurological factors influence investment decision-making during uncertain times. With this knowledge and experience, I am able to help clients understand why some decisions may feel right, but not be in their best interest. And it provides the framework for creating a plan for the certainty of uncertainty.

Recessions, bear markets, and negative news have always been a part of the economy and stock markets. Yet, over the years, the markets have been a powerful wealth-creating machine, despite the setbacks. We don’t need to predict when they will occur, we just need to create a durable plan in line with your goals and values.

As your advisor, I will help you make the best financial decisions in the face of uncertainty. From time to time, you may have strong feelings about the markets and what you should do. Feelings are often fleeting and heavily influenced by short-term outcomes. Before any decision is made, we will counsel together to ensure investment decisions are driven by rationality, logic, and reason – and not the feelings of the moment.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing my years of experience in helping you plan your financial goals.

On the personal side:  My husband and I were missionaries in the Philippines for 16 years where we raised our four children. We now have 10 grandchildren! While serving God in the Philippines, we also had the privilege of enjoying a pet monkey, several parrots, cats and dogs.  We also started a chicken farm to create an income stream for the Bible school

I enjoy traveling, cooking and playing games.  My favorite vacation spots are WY, PA & FL. (The states where my 4 children and their families are located!)