Investor decisions, not short-term outcomes, largely influence whether you reach your goals. Emotions, such as fear or greed, affect how we perceive things. It feels right to buy high and sell low. You have a choice; invest based on how your feel or based on what is right. My primary role is to help you make the right decisions, even when your feelings want you to do something else.

I help investors prepare and plan for the certainty of uncertainty. There is so much we don’t know and can’t predict. But there are also a lot of things we do know. We know that markets are cyclical, we know that there will be surprises and bear markets. A financial plan is crucial for each investor – it is the anchor and roadmap to your success, despite the challenges we will face along the way.

Having correct perceptions and reflecting on your values are crucial to a wise decision-making process. It’s not easy to do that when the markets are volatile and the media gets us worked up. I work hard to proactively address concerns and feelings to help all my clients have a more positive investment experience.

Fun Fact: My husband and I were missionaries in the Philippines for 16 years where we raised our four children. We now have 10 grandchildren! While in the Philippines we had a pet monkey and multiple parrots.

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